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"Dr. O has been very nice from the beginning. He made us feel at ease from the first visit. He has a great 'chair-side' manner. He made me feel assured that he would do all he could to help me get better. His smile is warm, and very assuring. His staff (the two girls) was fantastic and never made me uneasy or rushed."
– Barbara

"The Doc answered all my questions very thoroughly and explained everything. Keep on going on, good job!"
– Joe

"Visited your establishment twice, both times were very professional, fast, efficient, most of all accomplished my problem.

Definitely will tell others to visit."
– Van

"Dr. Ogunlesi is a very kind and helpful doctor. His staff were great, friendly and helpful as well. Dr. Ogunlesi was good to discuss and explain things so that you can understand the process. I would recommend Dr. Ogunlesi and would go back to him if I need his medical advice."
– Donna

"I very much appreciated Dr. Ogunlesi and the office staff as well.
When I called following Dr. Whitehouse’s referral, the secretary managed to give me an appointment the same day!
I was very pleased with Dr. Ogunlesi; he put me and my daughter at ease, with his professionalism and friendliness.  His diagnosis was correct, I followed his directions and the skin infection improved completely.
So, Thank you Dr. Ogunlesi and Staff!
– Elizabeth

"Dr. Ogunlesi’s staff is very kind and accommodating when I call for an appointment, when I am in the office and when I call to ask questions.
Appointment times are kept as scheduled and I am able to get in to see Dr. Ogunlesi when necessary.
Dr. Ogunlesi has always taken his time to clearly explain my medical conditions, the treatment options, and explained all test results.
Dr. Ogunlesi returns his calls and refills my medications in a very timely manner.
I rate him A+++!!"


"I am very pleased with the care I have received while being under Dr. Ogunlesi. He always makes me feel comfortable and takes his time to explain terms I may not know. Both of the young women who are with him when he comes to Ashtabula are very helpful and efficient."

"The entire staff was wonderful! KIND, PATIENT, KNOWLEDGABLE!"

"Dear Dr. Ogunlesi,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the extraordinary care you afforded my mother when she was admitted to the hospital. You so very quickly and professionally assessed the situation, put both my mother and myself at ease, and crafted a treatment plan to facilitate healing, pain relief, as well as care measures for the best recovery possible.

My mother’s life has been filled with significant health challenges which she has borne with courage, dignity, and a very positive attitude. This health setback, yet one more medical issue of serious concern, may have been the one to crush her spirit. But your very kind and gentle manner, coupled with your wide array of expertise and knowledge in all areas of Infectious Disease, assured the defining difference between hope and despair on her part- as she strengthened her courage to heal and recover. Your inborn nature to educate, inspire confidence, and to lay a gentle, reassuring touch upon those you treat is a gift of the highest nature which can only afford the best opportunity for healing to all of your patients.

As her daughter, I will be forever grateful that you were the physician of record to oversee my mother’s care, arrange and manage her treatment plan, and kindly order facility rehabilitation that met my mother’s particular needs and physical challenges in the very best possible way.

Your interest in assessing and caring for the whole patient, not only physically, but spiritually and psychologically as well, has helped so much in paving the way for my mother’s anticipated healing and recovery.

May the Lord bless you always in your profession and in your daily life. We are most blessed to have made your professional acquaintance. 

In most grateful appreciation,"