Tips for Proper Wound Care

If you’re in need of wound care in Mentor, Ashtabula, and Geneva, OH, you can trust Dr. Olusegun Ogunlesi of Axelix Health Consulting for treatment and care.

6 Steps to Proper Wound Care

If you have a minor cut or wound, the following tips can help you properly address it and potentially minimize the chance of scarring. 

1. Stop the Bleeding

While some wounds seem to stop bleeding as soon as they start, others will continue to bleed. If this occurs, apply pressure and elevate the wounded area until it’s no longer bleeding. 

2. Clean the Area

The first step is to clean the wounded area. Start by running water over it to help remove any debris. After rinsing the area, wash it with a gentle cleanser.

3. Dry the Wound

Keeping the area dry is as important as cleaning it. Once you’ve washed the wound, pat it dry. Do not rub it as this can worsen the wound. 

4. Apply Petroleum Jelly

Put enough to cover and protect the wound. Then, top it off with an adhesive bandage or gauze and paper tape. 

5. Keep It Clean 

Until your wound heals, you’ll need to follow the same steps. Wash it with a mild soap every day, pat it dry, and apply a new bandage. Also, be sure to change your bandage if it gets soiled between washings, as this can lead to an infection. 

6. Know When to See a Doctor

Many wounds can be cared for at home, but some require medical attention. Signs that you need to visit Dr. Ogunlesi for wound care in Mentor, Ashtabula, and Geneva, OH include:

  • If it is due to an animal bite.
  • The wound is deep or will not stop bleeding after applying pressure for several minutes.
  • If there are signs of infection, such as a constant burning sensation or draining pus.
  • You have not had a tetanus shot in five years and the wound is due to something rusty or dirty.

If you have a serious wound that needs medical attention, call Dr. Ogunlesi of Axelix Health Consulting at (440) 867-4800 for wound care in Mentor, Ashtabula, and Geneva, OH.