Diabetic Foot Care

The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic-related foot complications are incredibly common. From numbness and nerve damage to diabetic ulcers, it’s important that you have a infectious disease doctor that can provide you with care when you need it and answers when it matters. Here at Axelix Health Consulting, our infectious disease doctor have worked with many patients living with diabetes. He creates customized treatment plans to ensure that patients live full, healthy and happy lives with healthy, complication-free feet.

Routine Diabetic Foot Care is Crucial

It’s important that you are seeing your infectious disease specialist at least once a year for a comprehensive examination. During these exams our infectious disease specialist will sit down with you to discuss your health and how you are managing your diabetes. We will then perform a foot and ankle exam, asking you questions about any problems or issues you may be dealing with. These routine checkups are critical for patients living with diabetes, even if you do have your condition properly controlled through medication and lifestyle. Diabetic foot care can,

  • Prevent, detect and stop the progression of nerve damage
  • Prevent diabetic ulcers that could lead to amputation
  • Treat open wounds, sores and infections
  • Safely remove corns and calluses
  • Properly trim your toenails to reduce your risk for ingrown toenails

Immediate Diabetic Foot Care at Your Service

Of course, when problems do arise, Axelix Health Consulting is here to provide you with same-day care for ulcers, sores and other wounds that require urgent treatment. It’s important that you see a qualified specilialist to treat and dress any wounds of the feet to prevent a serious infection from developing. It is easy for people with diabetes to develop serious infections or have to undergo amputation due to improper wound care, which is why it’s so imperative that you turn to your doctor right away for treatment.

If you are looking for a infectious disease doctor that provide diabetic foot care in the Geneva, OH, areas, call Axelix Health Consulting today at (440) 867-4800 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Olusegun Ogunlesi.