The Benefits of IV Antibiotics Management

While standard treatment for various bacterial infections is oral antibiotics, in certain situations, IV antibiotics are either necessary, more effective, or can benefit you in another way. At Axelix Health Consulting, with locations in Mentor, Ashtabula, and Geneva, OH, our infectious disease doctor, Dr. Olusegun Ogunlesi, would like you to know when and why this antibiotic administration route could benefit you. 

Most Effective Route

For certain bacterial infections, particularly ones in certain areas of your body, oral antibiotics can't effectively target that location. With IV antibiotics, the medication travels throughout your bloodstream, so it can reach this region. 

Can Address More Serious Infections

If you have an infection that's spread or is causing major symptoms, IV antibiotics can treat the issue when oral antibiotics can't. 

Can Target the Infection Quicker

With IV antibiotics, you receive the medication quicker, and your body can process it easier. Therefore, if you have an infection that's causing major problems, this administration route provides you with the solution quicker than if you would take medication orally. 

Minimizes Spread Faster

As briefly mentioned, IV antibiotics start working quicker, and your body processes them more efficient and faster than oral antibiotics. Therefore, when a Geneva, OH, infectious disease doctor prescribes this treatment, the infection isn't going to spread as much. Therefore, you'll have fewer problems caused by the illness. 

Can Prevent Hospitalization

If certain infections spread, hospitalization is the only solution to manage the symptoms and stop the infection. However, when you receive IV drug therapy in a clinic setting, you may prevent the need for a hospital visit. 

Beneficial to Those With Those Who Have Difficulty Taking Oral Medications

For patients who can't swallow pills, especially considering certain antibiotics come in large tablets, IV therapy is a more convenient way for them to take the necessary medication. 

At Axelix Health Consulting, Dr. Ogunlesi will assess your particular conditioning and situation and determine if IV antibiotic therapy could benefit you. While it has its practical applications and benefits, it's not for every infection. 

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